Monday, 12 December 2011


Shhhh! You might spook it! Can you hear that skittering sound? Yes folks, that's right, it's the hobby bug. It's crawling out of it's hole for the first time in a few months. Maybe it's been hibernating? Maybe it's just been busy with it's little projects? Who knows? But frankly who cares, it's poking its head out into the world again and it's eager folks, it's eager to FEED.

That's kindof where I am at the moment with the whole GW hobby thing. For those not in a position to know, having a kid really takes it out of you, and when you combine that with a 60+hour week most weeks, it doesn't leave a lot of time for painting and modeling which makes me sad.

But Christmas is coming! And I'm assured of some nice new plastic crack to mess around with over the holiday season, so the bug is returning...

There are plenty of possible projects at the moment. I have an imperial city to finish as the folks over at Warseer keep reminding me, Dark Eldar and Blood Angels forces to work on, plenty of stuff for Force on Forcce and Napoleonics to keep me busy, and an Empire Army to put together.

I've been kept pretty busy this year away from GW - I worked out recently that I'd spent a little under £50 on GW stuff - that's at least ten times less than I normally would in a year. However, the lure of citadel models is just too great sometimes.

Sure, you can spend the same amount you would on a GW army on some other system and buy up pretty much everything for every possible army for that system, but GW models are just a league apart.

To this end, I should have some new GW stuff to show you soon.

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