Saturday, 13 July 2013

To my shame I didn't update this blog throughout the whole of 2012. In my defence, a new baby and lots of building work, combined with a very busy job, kept me well out of the wargaming loop.

I come back to find that GW has gone insane.

This weekend sees the release of Apocalypse for sixth edition. I won't be buying it because the book alone is 45 quid. 

I can't afford this hobby anymore. At least not the GW part of it. I've not bought any GW models in about two years. I've updated three codexes, but at a cost of £30 a codex I can't keep that up. I have 11 40k armies - admittedly several of them use the same codex, but I still can't afford to buy a new book for each just to keep playing - not at those prices.

Don't get me started on the models.

Instead I've switched to Dystopian wars, and several historical systems. I'll keep playing with the models I have most probably, but since I don't play tournaments I can quite happily play with older rules or house-rule things to keep the game fun.

So expect to see other game systems featuring here from time to time. I will still keep a story-driven angle for  whatever I post, as that's just how I think and play, but this blog will be far from 40k exclusive going forward.